Environmental issues are more pressing than they’ve ever been
This requires new insights, investments, and decisiveness in the years ahead. Cooperation between the scientific community, government bodies and the business sector will be vital in order to increase the sustainability of our society. The University of Amsterdam, the Science & Business organisation and the Matrix Innovation Center are therefore joining forces to develop a SustainaLab at Amsterdam Science Park. The SustainaLab is expected to open in 2022.
Countless opportunities for R&D companies, government departments, NGOs and startups to access talent

Knowledge sharing

Businesses across all industries in the Netherlands are becoming increasingly proactive when it comes to sustainability. Now they have an even greater opportunity to benefit from the sustainable innovations in play at Amsterdam Science Park. These range from biodegradable plastic, more efficient solar panels and creating aircraft fuel from food waste to greening cities and making agriculture and horticulture more sustainable.

The new SustainaLab, which will be located in the new Matrix One building is set to open in 2022 with a collaborative focus that welcomes knowledge-sharing and co-creation. In this building innovative R&D businesses in the field of sustainability can rent office & lab space.

Center of sustainability

SustainaLab works towards globally recognised sustainable development goals. Aimed at giving our planet a cleaner and healthier future. One that you can be a part of. SustainaLab facilitates knowledge-sharing between innovative researchers, talented students and progressive industries by connecting the right people with the right opportunities. The initiative contributes to sustainable policies set by the City of Amsterdam, as well as regional and central government. Add to this University of Amsterdams future planet studies programme, and the park’s expertise in artificial intelligence, and you have the perfect setting to realise complex sustainable development goals.

Collaboration is key

SustainaLab is a building where alphas, betas and gammas work on solutions for sustainability issues. To keep the world livable, global warming and planetary depletion must be reversed. Our problems are extensive, the dilemmas are great and a technical solution alone is almost never sufficient, because social, political and economic factors also determine the ultimate success of the effort. Therefore, SustainaLab promises to be an inspiring meeting place where complex sustainability issues can be solved integrally, because all scientific disciplines (α+β+γ) and numerous educational, innovative and entrepreneurial activities present at the University of Amsterdam work together with each other.
SustainaLab, in the sense of the ecosystem, is going on already. But it’s a little scattered within different institutions, different businesses, different disciplines. We’d like to bring that together


Sustaina Student Lab (SSL) is part of Amsterdam Green Campus, who is one of the initiating communitymembers of SustainaLab. Within the SSL teachers, companies, public institutions, researchers from different study groups can find each other on an overarching theme. 

Together they work on knowledge questions from parties in the field who submit knowledge questions to the SSL desk. It is important to tackle developments such as climate change, food security and energy sources in a way that involves both interdisciplinary and all important sections of society. The SSL is therefore accessible to students of MBO, HBO and WO level and accessible from all study programmes. In such a setting, skills and competences can be practiced that are not covered in current modules, such as learning about the tasks and responsibilities associated with the other profession and the ‘equivalence’ of roles and tasks from other professional groups.

In this way, the community of students, lecturers and parties in the field contribute to an improved connection between education and the labor market, valorisation, making MRA and education more sustainable, and stronger social cohesion between MBO, HBO and WO.


about SustainaLab

SustainaLab is located at the centre of Amsterdam Science Park in the new Matrix ONE building.

If you are interested in renting space in Matrix ONE to be part of SustainaLab you can contact Matrix Innovatin Center.

SustainaLab will offer you the possibility to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, scientists and students. 

The companies located in Matrix ONE will be part of SustainaLab. The focus is on businesses and organisations involved in sustainability issues.

SustainaLab is developed for interaction. It will be like a clubhouse for parties involved with sustainability. Contact Science & Business to stay informed about events and activities.